Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas day is very busy for us.  We open presents at home, scramble to get everyone ready and looking good, go to brunch at my mom's, head to Michael's mom's house and then over to our final stop at Michael's aunt's house.  By the time the day is over we are usually tired, crabby and the car is so loaded down that we don't even have a spare inch to stretch out.  I will say that the crabby part was kept to a minimum for the most part.  The boys were so excited about presents and their new toys that they were pretty happy for most of the day.  Chasey even fell asleep around 5:30 on Christmas day and slept through dinner and the rest of the presents.  Rocky made me put together about 800 Legos and Grayson was happy to be passed around from person to person.  Overall a very good day and the boys had a blast.

Christmas morning at our house.  So happy we got to move in to the new house for the holidays.

How cute are they?  Christmas with an almost 4yr old, a 2 yr old and a 3 month old is fun.  They get so excited!

Have you seen enough pictures of my kids opening presents yet??

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