Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beautiful Boys

I finally got back down to the hospital today to visit the babies.  I have been waiting all week to look at their beautiful little faces again.  They are doing great and making progress.  I could just sit there all day looking at their teeny tiny perfect features.  Its fun to imagine what they will be like a couple of months or even years from now.  One day soon these little itty bitty boys will be wrestling and playing with their cousins and having fun.  More importantly, one day very soon they will be home with their mommy and daddy where they belong : )

I was lucky enough (or pushy enough) to go down to the NICU with the first group this afternoon.  I got to watch Coby meet his new brothers for the first time.  I always loved that moment with my own kids and it was just as fun to watch with my nephew.  Coby managed to look amazed and a little scared at the same time. . . all while pretending he was too cool for it all.  I could tell just by looking at his face that he loved them and knew this was an important moment. 

Coby meeting Austin for the first time

Coby meeting Nico for the first time

After Coby was done visiting with his brothers I went back and hung out with him in the room while my parents visited the boys.  I was lucky enough to go back to the NICU one more time before I left.  I was so happy to see the boys out and hanging out with my brother and Jaclyn.  Everyone just looked so happy and peaceful.

Baby Nico

Baby Austin

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